Who was in Trump’s Situation Room?

  1. Joe Hagin – Deputy Chief of Staff
  2. Jared Kushner – Advisor/NYC Globalist
  3. Steve Mnuchin – Treasury Secretary – Goldman Sachs
  4. Wilbur Ross – Commerce Secretary – Former Democrat
  5. Sean Spicer – Press Secretary
  6. Reince Priebus – Chief of Staff
  7. H.R. McMaster – National Security Advisor (replaced General Flynn) – Says term “radical Islamic terrorism” isn’t helpful
  8. Rex Tillerson – Secretary of State
  9. Gary Cohn – Director of National Economic Council – Goldman Sachs, DEMOCRAT UNTIL 2016, NYC Globalist
  10. Dina Powell – Deputy National Security Advisor – Goldman Sachs, Globalist, Husband is the President of Teneo Strategy (Teneo was founded by Doug Band, Bill Clinton’s right-hand man)
  11. Michael Anton – Deputy Assistant to the President for Strategic Communications
  12. Stephen Miller – White House Senior Advisor
  13. Stephen Bannon – White House Chief Strategist – As instrumental as anyone for Trump’s victory

Not exactly a room that appears big on populism and American nationalism (the platform Trump was elected on), and there is certainly a lot Goldman Sachs around for The Situation Room.

Many in Trump’s base are weary about those surrounding the President. If Bannon is forced out by Kushner and company, who will keep the globalist elements in the executive branch at bay?

Trump won the Presidency on a platform of populism, not globalism.

Proceed with caution everyone.

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