The Hillary Clinton Blame Tour – The Saga of a Failed Leader

Imagine LeBron James producing the following stat line in an elimination game loss: 13 points, 5-22 shots made, and 10 turnovers. In his postgame press conference, James begins his comments by saying, “I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that is not why we lost.” Then instead of analyzing his own performance and mistakes, he launches into a blaming spree against his teammates and other factors to explain away the result.

“The refs were unfair with their foul calls. Coach Lue did not have a good game plan or adjust well during the game. Management should have made different moves at the trade deadline. Kyrie’s turnovers really let us down. Those three-pointers Korver missed in the third quarter cost us an opportunity to close the gap.” You get the idea.

Is this how a leader takes “responsibility” for a loss? Of course not, but this is analogous to how Hillary Clinton has sought to explain her loss to Donald Trump. Rather than focusing on her own shortcomings and missteps as a candidate, Clinton has emerged from the woods of Chappaqua to embark on a nauseating Blame Tour devoid of self-reflection. The image below lists some external reasons Clinton has found to explain her loss, and the Daily Wire has the Clinton blame count at 38 members and trending upward.

Several years ago, a family member gave me a book on Operations and Leadership which had a section entitled, Traits of the Worst Leaders I’ve Known. Here are some of those traits for which Hillary Clinton hits the mark:

  • Uses position or intimidation to drive their agenda – Wonder why Bernie Sanders was her only serious primary challenger? Democrats fear retribution for crossing the Clinton Machine.
  • Embarrasses team members in public – She recently excoriated the DNC’s data operation, which was not to the liking of the former Director of Data Science for the DNC.
  • Face to face does not equal behind the scenes – The anecdotes of anger outbursts and staffers living in fear do not jibe with those forced smiles regularly presented to the public.
  • Takes credit for good and only superficially for the bad – This is precisely what the Blame Tour has shown Mrs. Clinton to do, to take responsibility in rhetoric only.

The final trait to highlight is, ‘During tough times drives dysfunctional behavior.’ Clinton’s own actions and words were the driving force behind her election loss, and now her Blame Tour is preventing the party from addressing its myriad of problems. Having lost the White House and both houses of Congress, the Democratic Party is going through its toughest time in decades. Clinton remaining in the spotlight makes both an honest reassessment of the political landscape and systemic party reform unlikely.

With her Blame Tour in in full swing, the launching of a new 501(c)(4) organization named Onward Together, and an upcoming book tour this fall, any hopes of Clinton receding gracefully seem inconceivable. She recently said, “I’m not going anywhere. I have a big stake in what happens in this country… therefore I am going to keep writing and keep talking and keep supporting people who are on the front lines of The Resistance.” A nice reminder to all the ‘Resisters’ out there that like it or not, they are still stuck with Mrs. Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s incompetent “leadership” has driven the Democrats off the road and into a ditch. Despite this, she remains one of the leading voices for the flailing Democrat establishment. As long as Democrats in positions of power remain too cowardly to send Mrs. Clinton off to permanent retirement, her self-serving words will continue to drive the party further off track and toward a looming cliff.

Given the lack of introspection shown by Democrat leaders since Election Day, perhaps Hillary Clinton is the leader the party establishment deserves, but certainly not the one it needs right now. Onward Together I suppose.


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